Chord Splitter?

I’d like to be able to take a random note or two from an incoming four note chord. Taking out the big hammer I chained together a midi to poly, some midi mixers, a bunch (10) midi-to-cv, a random to control three N-1 switches (velocity, gate, note), finally a cv-to-midi. There are midi monitors on all the inputs and the output. What I’m noticing is that the final output is a step behind the input.

To test I created a set of 10 numbers representing C2 to A2 and hooked them up to a randomized switch and it, of course, works perfectly. So maybe there’s something interesting going on when switching midi cv signals?

In the first screenshot notice that the midi notes 1 and 3 (from the midi-to-poly) are a D2 and G1. The combination of 2 and 3 are a B1 and D2.

The second screenshot shows the switch, trying to select the 2/3 combination but generates a G1 and D2 from the 1/3 mix.

I’ve verified all of the connections. I tried reordering the gate/note switches.

Here’s the project if you feel like a laugh:

Oh, besides getting this version to work, is there any simpler way to do this? A midi switch would incredibly simplify this.


  • Here's a MIDI switch that can be modulated. I've chosen ch1 in this example.

    Note that the Channel Filter module has 2 modes: "Set" to apply a fixed channel and "Filter" to only pass messages on that channel.

    Apply the "Set channel" to any of up to 16 virtual MIDI paths you need in your project.

  • xorxor
    edited April 30

    that’s a good alternative for a 1-n switch but not for a n-1 like I’m doing here (I left off the index for clarity). Seems like a single n-1 midi switch would be so much better since this doesn’t pass cc’s through. [edit: yeah, just throw a midi mixer after the chain of channel filters and it becomes a n-1 switch but I think mine’s shorter and easier to understand when the number of N’s grows]

    Can I also gripe about the V, gate and note order aren’t the same for midi-to-cv and midi-note-gen?

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