auv3: External CV instrument struggles

Hello. I'm trying to set up linnstrument midi to cv conversion for a live perfomance.

External CV instrument works fine when pitch cv and gate are set to whatever auv3 bus. Some internal logic recognises that I need pitch on one right channel, and gate - on the left.

The problem is that I don't need gate at all - I need to have pitch on one channel, and pressure - on the other.

There's no issues down the line - AUM connects to whatever channels I need (I use Babyface Pro + ES-8 combo).

I wanted to use Drambo standalone instead of AUM, but somehow there's just no signal when I set my outputs.

Basically what I need is to be able to select individual mono channels as outputs instead of Ext. Out 1-8.



  • Less than ideal solution would be to use Ext. Outs 1-8 per AUM track and just set those tracks to mono outs that I need. So one cv signal instead of two though stereo bus that could allow for a pair of signals needed to play one eurorack voice.

    But it kinda works.

  • Have you tried the various mono/stereo converters in Mixer to construct a stereo pair the way you need?

  • Yes, and without success, but I need to try more. I think I used L+R to stereo and it didn't work.

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