Setting up WebDAV file management with Drambo using Readdle Documents

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Since the file management subject pops up repeatedly, I've dedicated a how-to to a very handy solution.

File management on the iPad has led to a lot of frustration over the years and although it has improved somewhat, it's still far away from a smooth desktop experience because Apple are consistently refusing to give the non-iPhone-user the choice pf opening up the app sandboxes.

Anyway, not all is lost. Here's a simple workaround to get full fledged, desktop quality file management at least between Readdle Documents and Drambo plus a few different cloud services:

  • Get the free "Readdle Documents" app from the Appstore
  • Enable WiFi and activate "WebDAV" in Drambo's burger menu. Check the URL shown under "Enter this address:"
  • Open Readdle Documents and find "Connections => + Add Connection" on the bottom of the left column
  • tap on it, choose "WebDAV Server" and enter the URL under URL. Give the connection a name, e.g. "Drambo".
  • Tipp: If you enter the IP address instead of the address shown, this connection will work in any WiFi network as long as Drambo and Documents are both on the same device.

You now have a convenient "remote file browser" for Drambo to create folders, move files around, rename, back up etc.

Enjoy 😊


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    This is an awesome tip, I didn't realize you could do this! Definitely going to use this to reorganize.

    (p.s. Readdle Documents is probably a better music player than Apple's default player at this point. You have to upload to the app directly but its worth it.)

  • Yep, it works quite well. I'm using it in conjunction with TwistedWave. Not as smoothly integrated as AudioShare but much, much more powerful.

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    Careful about reorganizing some of your module presets and flexi or sampler presets! Moving them to new locations will cause them to no longer work. I'm not sure how to point the presets to their new locations.

    I routinely move in and move around new sample folders, but restructuring existing ones just leads to stuff not working :/

  • Good point @aleyas. At some point in the future we're going to be able to bundle instruments with samples in their original format. This will give us a few important advantages: Easier instrument sharing, no more broken file paths and much smaller instrument packs when using compressed audio.

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