Index of N switches can not exceed 32 positions

I have a 37 slot N-1 switch. It seems that no matter what value is present at the index input, it can not exceed 32 positions on the switch. The switch seems to accept 0-1 volts, but at 1 volt it caps out at 32 positions. I tried increasing the range of the CV to 2, but the results were the same.

You can test for yourself. Just take a N-1 or 1-N switch, create more than 32 slots, and then try to select anything above 32 with the index input.


  • No matter how many buttons, the selection range should always cover 0..1V.

    I guess @giku simply didn't expect anyone to go beyond 32, so let me hand you over the Drambo andanced user 🏆 😉

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    Haha, I'm trying my hardest to make a 37 step sequencer. By alternating negative and positive values in the switch, the switch can act as a gate sequencer.

    I can chain even numbered sequencers like 12X12 for a 24 step sequence, or 16X4 for a 64 step sequence. Odd numbered sequences less than 32 steps can be made with the Euclidian sequencer. But odd numbered sequencers greater than 32 steps are posing a real challenge for me.

    For example, I can't think of the correct logic to chain a 32 step sequence with a 5 step sequence... (16x2 gate seq + 5x1 gate seq ... or 32x1 euclidian + 5x1 euclidian).. The N-1 switch was my last resort 😅.

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    @aleyas What you want to do is all possible using Graphic Shapers/Graphic Envelopes/Graphic Modulators.

    You would basically create an individual "time signal" to control each mega switch separately so they operate in a proper sequence.

    Something like this 4+3 step sequence:

    There's a bit more to it of course, you'll likely need "dead zones" in each switch as a parking position but I think you get the idea 😉

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