Workaround for WebSDR plugin when UI is closed

The recently released WebSDR plugin works great, but it stops producing sound when the UI is closed. I was wondering if it's possible to have a setting (or an exception for this plugin) in Drambo to somehow keep the UI open but hidden. I know this is a weird and very specific request, but asking in case it's possible.


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    On MAIN track, pin the module browser, and add new track modules until you exceed the 16 track limit. This creates a 'ghost' track that can be accessed from both views from the top right corner. On the ghost track (track 17) add WebSDR. Then add a Feedback Send module. On track 1 (or any track you want the WebSDR sound on) add a Feedback Receive module. Go back to the ghost track, click the 'fdbk receive' output, scroll to track one, and connect it to the Feedback Receive module itself. Now audio will flow from the ghost track to track 1. You can now put the WebSDR app in the small expanded view without losing audio. Make sure to turn the master level on the ghost track to 0.

    I posted a couple of Drambo workarounds to the WebSDR beta thread on AB forum the other month:

  • @aleyas thanks! I was already using a separate track as a workaround but this is even better.

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