L/R to Stereo and Stereo to L/R switched positions of i/o?

Is it just me, or are the input and output positions of L and R different on these 2 modules?

For example, I route a gate signal to the L input (top input), and a pitch signal to R input (bottom input). The when I take that combined 'stereo' signal and route it to the Stereo to LR module, then the gate is at the BOTTOM output, and pitch is at the TOP. This is reverse to how the went in, and can be confusing because top input becomes the bottom output, and vice versa.

Could the Stereo to LR module either have its outputs labelled with L and R or have the positions changed to match the LR to Stereo module? There are lots of practical applications for combining signals and then splitting them, such as routing 2 mono signals into and out of an instrument or processor rack, or for routing 2 signals out of a layers module.


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