All Moog apps free today.

Time to complete your collection 😉


  • Heck yea! Time to finally try out Model 15

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    I had animoog and filtertron,

    got model15 & the minimoog for free.

    weird. feels almost like stealing.

    made a quick track in drambo with them

    thx moog

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    Yeah, being able to use Model 15 as a Drambo module and the Insert version as an effect processor is crazy.

    The lonely island combo 😊

  • I just think that Model 15 insert is missing midi. A bit irritating that we can’t trigger the envelopes or control the oscillators. (As a processor)

    Anyone else bumping heads with this limitation? I’m gonna send a request to Moog asking if they’d update Model-15 to a music effect (mfx) so we can get midi in. If anyone else wants to see the same I’d encourage you to write them as well 😉

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