Transport bar hit zones on M1 iPad 11”

Dear @giku

I'm very lucky to have an 11” M1 iPad here, and for the most part Drambo works wonderfully well on it (iOS 14.6)

However, I've noticed that the hit zones for the transport bar along the top are slightly misaligned at the moment. For example, it is taking me multiple attempts to open the menu or tap any of the other transport commands along the top.

I’d be happy to jump on the testflight if you'd like me to test this in the current beta?


  • Update:

    I've just noticed a similar thing is happening in other full screen apps (in this case Pure Acid).

    it might therefore be early teething problems with the new models. It's almost as if the iOS status bar (time/ date/battery) is sitting invisibly over the top of the app UIs and blocking taps in that zone.

    I’ll keep testing…

  • Update2:

    confirmed… it appears that all apps I try that go full screen by hiding the OS status bar suffer with the same 'dead zone' along the top of the screen.

    and there's nothing wrong with my iPad, because if I use a painting app and start drawing below the deadzone I am able to paint accurately within this area. It's only when the touch begins within this deadzone that the tap is not being registered.

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    Sure that's going to be fixed with the 14.9.9 iOS release 😄

    Have you checked (hopefully) all settings that are related to gestures?

  • Probably related? Depends on what hidden changes have again sneaked into 14.6...

    Does it happen on iPhone too?

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    Update 3:

    I'm getting the same issue in other apps - such as Moog Model D.

    This screenshot shows - via my roughly annotated yellow marks - roughly the area that is not accepting touches (note - it runs the full width of the top of the screen). You'll notice it is almost exactly the height of the iOS status bar. Coincidence?

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