FlyTape 2 MIDI mapping / parameter modulation in Drambo

New Drambo user (coming from being a longtime Octatrack user) and I'm totally blown away by what I can do with this app. Just started mapping AUv3 parameters to p-lock them, and I love what I can do with them.

However, I'm finding that I can't get any of the effects in the MSX app FlyTape 2 to show up for Drambo mapping. I know from reading the manual to Flytape 2 that they are MIDI accessible. Is there something I'm missing here? Any way to get these to show up?


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    Thanks for the great feedback, and welcome to the forum!

    MIDI and AUv3 parameters are two different things. If FlyTape 2 supports MIDI control, it should have a MIDI input on the AUv3 module.

    Use the Processor => Audio Unit Processor module in that case.

    You can send MIDI CC by using the MIDI => CC generator. The module takes an "analog" signal as the input and sends MIDI that you can connect to the AUv3 MIDI port.

    If you want to route more than one MIDI signal to the AUv3, you can do so by using the MIDI => MIDI Mixer module.

  • I think for Fly Tape you need to hit ‘Map’ then hit the ‘0’ under ‘Map’. Should give you list of params :)

  • Thanks for the info everyone. Looks like it's AUv3 parameters are indeed accessible, aside from the question of MIDI (though I appreciate the tips in that direction). Tapping "0" after hitting Map was all I needed to see the list of parameters...for some reason they don't automatically show up when I hit them in the pluggin, but this works just as well.

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