iOS 14.4.2 iPad Pro 2020 crackling Audio during preset switches

Hey guys... I had this problem now for months. Since I update to iOS 14.4.2. I have this issue.

I use AUM and when I load drambo in it and set instrument rack wavetable and wanna switch through all presets I got this ugly crackling audio.

Is there any fix for this?

 I tested it with an iPad Air with A14 Bionic... and there isn’t any crackling during preset switches. Same settings same iOS version.


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    Is there some reason why you don't want to at least try 14.6? It may not fix the issue but at least would eliminate that as a possibility and put you on a version that more people with your model are likely to be able to test with.

  • Are you using an external audio interface?

    Indeed, updating to 14.6 is worth a try. iOS 14 has such a ridiculous history of issues on iPads used for audio production, it's not funny anymore.

    It also made the "Pro" models seem like the lower end iDevices for audio.

  • Yes there is a reason for not updating to iOS 14.6. Some old apps which I used for music production are might not work with new iOS version.

  • It would be good if the 'some old apps' was a bit more specified.

    I've got >300 music related apps installed on my iPad Air 2 (iPadOS14.6) and every single one of them works without any issues.

    The only 'issue' I had when installing 14.6 was with iOS Sound Canvas (which can no longer be purchased).

    I just had to re-download it from the AppStore to update it's certificate and voila, it launches and works again.

    (So if an app doesn't launch, a re-download usually solves the problem, especially if it's an older app).

    List the apps you 'worry' about and I can check (if I have them) if they still run properly...


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