Bug: Audio glitch with send p-lock

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Load AN Kick on track 1. Place trig on step one.

Load ”Instrument rack - Factory - Drums - Hihat - Hats on keys” to track 2. Place trigs on steps 1 and 2. Parameter lock a send on either step. A click glitch sound occurs.

Swapping the tracks eliminates the glitch. The glitch still happens if send is p-locked to zero. Setting polyphony on hat track has no effect.


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    Looked into this a bit more... You don't need to use AN Kick.

    -Load an oscillator on track 1

    -On track 2, place a tig on step 1 and parameter lock a send on it. Turn down volume so you only hear droning osc on track 1.

    -Press play and let loop.

    Loading the following Instrument rack presets from the Drums folder on track 2 will produce clicks:


    Hats on keys


    Wood slap 1

    Cls snare A

    Deaf snare

    Metal snare by RS2000

    One hand clap

    Snares on keys

    Stereo snare

    Kicks on keys (clicks only when loding)

    All presets from the Instrument rack Instruments folder click EXCEPT these ones:

    3d boiling pad

    Comb lead

    FM bass

    Fat mono glider

    Metal case lead

    Miami bass

    Quite a cat

    Rough bass 1

    SSaw pluck

    Square pluck

    Water bass

    Yay bass

    Can anyone reproduce?

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    Confirmed. P-locked Send A or B on Track 2 does produce an audible glitch when there is an oscillator on Track 1. When the oscillator on Track 1 is removed, the glitch disappears (even though track 1 is unrelated to track 2, or to the sends). P-locking the sends of Track 2 on any step still results in clicks and pops. I replaced Track 1 VCO with other droning sources (peaking eq, resonating filter) and still had pops. Seems related to Track 1’s volume. The louder Track 1 is, the louder the clicks are.

    I tried replacing the droning oscillator on Track 1 with some hihats+trigs, but couldn’t reproduce.

  • @giku I suspect it's any of the FDN or Plate reverb modules. Removing the reverb module will remove the glitch.

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    When I tested it there were no reverbs present, the sends were empty.

  • Yes, no reverbs, the clicking happens on track 1, even if send is locked to level zero.

  • I've only tried with the "Metal Snare" preset on track 2 and a sine oscillator on T1 and as soon as I removed the reverb module in the Snare instrument rack on T2, the clicking on T1 went away.

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    Having just a chorus, phaser, flanger, either of the reverbs or a sampler with multiple zones on track 2 seems to cause clicks.

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