Is there a triggerable sampler, recorder or buffer?

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Is there any module (or module chain) that will record input as long as a trigger is high and then loop the recording?



  • Nothing like that yet. Giku has mentioned a looper module for the future. I would hope it can do this.

  • @xor It should be possible to build one by using MIDI control and Flexi.

  • @xor Done. Uses FreEWI for MIDI loopback which is not yet working inside Drambo.

    You hold the XY pad as long as you want to record and as soon as you let go, the recorded audio will play in a loop.

    The REC button is mapped to CC#3 in "Button momentary" mode and playback mode is set to "Loop".

  • Sorry, total Drambo idiot here. What would one need to do to adapt this so that an incoming MIDI Note would be the trigger. First note on starts recording, second note on (same on) stops recording and starts playback?

  • After you've enabled MIDI learn on the top menu, hit REC to select the new learn destination, play the MIDI note then tap on REC again to open the learn dialog.

    Here you can choose between Momentary and Toogle.

    What you want is "Toggle".

  • Thanks for your help. I am not seeing in the patch whose picture you posted something that I could MIDI Learn that will have the same effect as tapping the X/Y Pad. I understand how to MIDI learn the Rec button for the Flexi -- but I don't think that's what you mean. It seems like what I need is something where the X/Y Pad is.

  • Bravo rs2000! That’s seriously cool. I am still excited for a native module as the midi mapping breaks the flow just a little, but still.

    @easelec i think you could do this with a pulse divider (set to two) connected to the gate of the midi to cv module. It would amount to pressing the a note (gate on) releasing, then pressing another note (gate off). Send the output of the pulse divider into the CC generator in place of the gate output of the XY pad.

  • Thanks. For the time being, I have a solution that works by using a short Mozaic script and routing a MIDI Loopback in AUM.

    I am now trying to figure out how to use Drambo modules to implement the same logic -- and am wondering if you wizards can help. I have the feeling that this is super simple and I am just not familiar enough with the modules to know the right combination to use.

    My hold up is this: I can't figure out the modules so that when I press a trigger button only a CC with value 127 is sent out and not a 127 followed by a 0 when I use it with a Gate Counter to cycle through the switch. I'd like it set up so an event is only sent when the value is 127.

    Below is what I have.

    How can I suppress the 0-value events?

    Another question: is there a way to peak at CV values to see the numbers generated. For MIDI, there is the MIDI Monitor module. I use the Oscilloscope to visualize CV but sometimes want to see the actual number.

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    @easelec You've juts discovered the weakness of the CC Generator: It has no trigger input to send a certain CC message when you want.

    There's a dirty hack that allows you to trigger sending a certain (same) CC value twice though:

    It relies on the fact that the CC Generator is built to detect input signal level changes and send a new CC whenever a change is detected. The Scale Amount is NOT zero, I've entered 0.001 so a minimal change is still effective.

    @giku If you don't mind: Add a gate input to the MIDI CC Generator and " Multi.

    If gate is not connected, it behaves like now.

    If it's connected, a CC message according to the current input signal level(s) (or multiple CC messages in case of the Multi version) is/are only sent when a gate signal is received.

    The numerical monitor is another long standing request...

  • So, no way to send just one value per trigger press? Just the same value twice?

    I tried a hack with the cv sequencer but that would only work if one could have a one-step sequence.

  • After a little experimentation, I found a solution for my use case. This is probably obvious to people that aren't idiots like me.

    This can be used in any host that lets you route the AUv3's MIDI out to its MIDI In.

    The role of the Gate Inverter is to send a trigger to Flexi when recording stops so that the loop will play.

    To use it, I MIDI learn the note (from my Blueboard) that I want to use to start/stop recording. The Flexi record button's MIDI Learn is set to the CC sent by the patch.

    In AUM, load this as an MFX and route its MIDI Output to its input.

  • I've posted my current draft

    here is an AUM session file:

    It has a couple of annoying aspects and i'd be curious if you can suggest solutions:

    - in AUM, recording will start when you first open the project

    - I couldn't figure out how to add a button to stop/restart the playback that didn't break the autostart after recording behavior.

  • A kind soul on AudiosBus Forum provided the needed logic to solve the remaining issues. This is a handy patch now for loopy-style behavior that is reliable and easy to get going. I am mostly using it in AUM.

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