Two questions about Flexi sampler and the Sampler modules

Hello All.

I'm very interested in buying dRambo.

It looks great.

Before buying, I have two questions that I would like to ask :

  1. In Flexi sampler and Sampler modules, is there a sample size limit? Basically, I would like to use both them to trigger entire songs. Is this possible?
  2. Within the Flexi Sampler, do all parameters (loop start, loop end, speed, etc) are MIDI mappable?

Thanks a lot for your help.



  • Hi and welcome to our forum!

    1. Flexi can load longer samples (I've just loaded a song that is 10m 42s long and it works) but the recording time is limited to 30 seconds in order to limit memory consumption (there's virtually no limit on how many Flexis you can have in a project).
    2. Yes. Here you have two screenshots, the controls with a blue overlay can all be mapped to relative or absolute MIDI CC, MIDI notes or ascii keyboard.

  • BTW if you're planning on launching more than one complete song from inside Drambo then I would recommend AudioLayer from Virsyn. It does "direct from disk" streaming wich means that you can have more than 100 songs ready to launch with just a fraction of the songs stored in RAM.

    I have a 2GB piano library inside AudioLayer, something unthinkable with most other iOS samplers.

  • Thank you very much rs2000 for your answer!

    It really helps and I'm excited to see that it works as I wished.


  • You're welcome 😊

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