Flexi Sampler backward playing slices issue

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I guess it is not a bug but it would be great if it eventually worked :

With the Flexi Sampler set with these settings :

  • Mode set to 1-shot
  • Launch set to Trigger
  • Start slice set to Note

When I slice a sample and trigger the slices with notes, if I play, lets say the second slice with the Speed set to +1, if I suddenly turn the Speed knob to -1 to play the slice backward, when the playhead gets to the second slice from which it started, the playhead stops.

Same thing occur if I do the opposite, starting a slice backward at -1 and then switching Speed to +1, the playhead stops when reaching the initial Starting slice. I would be great if the playhead could just continue playing. It is a bit annoying since it just stop there, no more sound.

Thanks you for your help.


  • Interesting request. I never stumbled over this but what you expect sounds logical indeed.

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