Bidirectional Feedback for MIDI controllers

I've seen this brought up here and there but I wanted add my voice to the choir in support of this! I'd love to be able to use midi controllers with led encoders to toggle between different patches with the similar parameters mapped and see the values for that particular instance indicated on the controller.

This would also be really great to use if/when the sequencer parameters can be mapped. I'm imagining, for example, selecting a step on a grid and seeing the values for the parameters on that particular step shown by the LED encoders. This would really help with giving a performative, hands-on feeling to sequencing elektron style.

I don't know how this would play out with different controllers but I've seen talk about the BCR32, the MIDI Fighter Twister, etc. It would be a dream to make a controller from Yaeltex with a bunch of the LED encoders and use that as a control surface for Drambo.

Speaking of hands on MIDI control, I also recently saw this and hey, its fun to dream.


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    This can be done somewhat in Drambo currently. I have some mappings set up for my APC 40 but it required a lot of futzing and is pretty hacky/limited. I know having this integrated would improve my workflow extremely!

    That midi modular is awesome btw. Not sure how we'll it'd apply to Drambo (because Drambo's design chooses performance over feedback routings) but it is fun to dream :).

  • This has been requested quite often and it's still on the list.

    With new controllers like the excellent BCR32 soon to come this would be even more fun.

  • If the midi controller responds to midi note messages then it's doable.

    For instance two of my projects uses a Launchpad X and to achieve the

    feedback I used midi note on off messages to get the LED's to light up

    which is similar in principle to APC 40.

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    I highly value your unbelievable work @Gravitas.

    I don't think that it can replace MIDI controller parameter feedback though. Users want button and knob values on the LEDs and LED rings of the controller as well, and without built-in support for that, things get awkward fast 😉

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    My approach has been to send the values for my controller's switches and knobs on load and then disable Drambo sending any updates, because I was running into midi feedback issues (well I actually send 5 seconds after load because I use Streambyter to massage some messages and have to wait for it to start). This gets my controller into a state where I can use it. It scales ok but takes a lot of effort.

  • Agreed.

    It was only because dRambo doesn't have a sysex module and

    I was to involved in the projects to stop and read up on using something like

    Mozaic's or Streambyter to do the actually translating for want of a better description.

    Basically I didn't have the patience. 😏

    The sysex's are almost always readily available for midi controllers for diy'ers

    but having proper inbuilt parameter feedback would be a joy.

  • I have achieved something similar, but of course a bit limited, using Mozaic scripts as an intermediary that remembers the state for presets or the whole project. The limit is that you can’t achieve “bi-directional” MIDI directly, you always need to use e.g. Mozaic knobs and not touch the original knobs. It’s good for sort of “macros”, but of course not that instant and clean as native implementation would be.

    I am also using APC40 as other guys here mention, it's great all-in-one controller for Drambo.

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