Switching arp on and off

How can I add a switch to turn on and off the arp. I managed to add a midi mixer with one channel allowing the arp through and one the normal signal. So by using the mute button I could mute the arp, but this is fiddly and not an ideal solution. Does anyone please have any ideas.


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    You got a few answers on the AB forum already. But I'll post here again just cause.

    You're already very close with the midi mixer. Instead, route the normal midi signal into a [Midi Channel Filter] and route the Arp also through a [Midi Channel Filter]. Select 'set' as the mode. Normal signal will be channel 1, and Arp signal will be channel 2. Route those midi filters into a mixer mixer. After the midi mixer, place a 3rd [Midi Channel Filter], but this type the mode will be 'filter'. Route a 'switch' button (or any other module you want to use for switching) before the 3rd midi filter. The correct modulation value should be about 0.07. Voila!

  • Do you want to stop all midi from arp, or just bypass the Arp? If you put something in a rack and compact the rack, simply tapping the header will bypass the module. This can be midi mapped as well.

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    Tip: By modulating the channel knob of a MIDI filter module, you can mute/unmute MIDI inside Drambo 😊

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