MIDI Fx Tracks Question

Does anyone know if tracks in a MIDI fx instance are supposed to work? I created a sixteen track midi switch where each track switches a different midi channel. It works, but only when that track is currently selected in Drambo. All of the unselected tracks are silenced. One thing I’m noticing is that all the incoming midi, on all the tracks, is flashing the current track border so its making me think that Drambo is routing all the midi to the currently selected track on purpose.

Even a stock Drambo MIDI Fx exhibits the same behavior of only flashing the border of the current track so I don’t think that this is due to my adding the same switch modules at the beginning of the master track (renamed to 1).

The workaround will be to combine all the modules into a single track. Separators will make it less ugly but still unwieldy.

Oh, and there’s no such thing as multi-out midi, right? If there was I wouldn’t need two instances to make the switch work. Basically I have two alternate track configurations (different instruments or fx or, …) listening on the same midi channel but hooked up to the output of one or the other Drambos.



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