Radio Unit AUM preset and MIDI issue


There is no way to change the radio station in Radio Unit (with AUM) over midi. There are two factors to this problem...

1.) In AUM, the presets in Radio Unit do not work. I select a station, set a volume level, save it to an AUM preset.. but when I later load that preset, it does not change any of the currently selected settings. Therefore, changing the station via a midi program change is not an option.

2.) When an instance of Radio Unit is added to a track in AUM, the 'Station' parameter is automatically selected and makes the knob next to the instance scroll through all the stations as expected. This behaviour would normally mean, in AUM, that 'Station' is an exposed midi parameter, but it is not. 'Station' is not available as a midi parameter so it is impossible to assign the 'Station' selection to a midi controller.

So.. two ways that one should be able to change the radio station over midi, but neither of them work in the current version.

Is this a known issue? Are there plans to fix this?



  • Regarding 1). I was able to select different Radio Unit prese†s and "Save in AUM". When I recall those AUM presets, it does restore the previous settings, playing the selected station. The Radio Unit GUI does not update, but it is playing the selected preset.

    2) The appearance of the knob is surprising. I suspect it may be nudging the left/right arrows below the Radio Unit volume control.

  • Thank you for this @uncleDave.

    I'll test asap!

  • @johnmanband Further, I realized the Radio Unit GUI does update, but only when it's hidden. And I was able to configure notes to select a couple of presets, so it ought to work for you.

  • Hi @uncleDave

    I've just got around to having a play with it and sure enough it does work. This is absolutely fine for the way I intended to use it.

    Hopefully the devs can fix the GUI at some point to prevent this from confusing others!


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