Crackling note A2 on the ‘DIY Keys A’ instrument rack? (M1 IPad Pro iOS15 beta6)

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I just discovered that the built-in patch ‘DIY Keys A’ has some crackling on note A2.

Anyone know why?

If it helps, I am on an M1 iPad Pro (iOS15 beta6)

Note - I’m not on the drambo beta, but happy to be added if you want me to test on that version too.


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    Thanks for the quick response.

    I'll give your suggestion a try, bit i found it weird that notes above A2 were not exhibiting the same cracking/fizzing noise, and when i tried lowering the channel gain it seemed to make no difference

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  • @tk32 A2 on the keyboard is 218Hz and that's exactly what the resonator is tuned to, so expect a strong peak there.

    I don't know who's built this factory patch but feeding a resonator with the output of an oscillator that can be played chromatically will need some countermeasures done to avoid the above happen.

    A simple solution would be to insert a peaking EQ (I've used a bandwidth of .09 here) like this:

    @giku Please make the EQ show the bandwidth value so screen shots are a bit more talkative 😉

  • Thanks both,

    Great to have two Drambo heavyweights weighing-in on the issue and explaining the details.

    For a (very) short moment I wondered if this might be an old audiounit API issue similar to the ones that were recently discovered by the Synthmaster dev. Glad to see that is not the case here.

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