Drambo Karplus strong ??

Hi all.

New to this forum.

Recently bought Drambo for my Ipad Pro 2018.

did’nt expect Drambo was so good, really great app.

I was wondering if Drambo’s modules , could do

or simulate KarPlus Strong synthesis, or will there be

a KarPlus Strong module in near future ??.

Did’nt have time to play around with Drambo that much,

as i just bought Drambo, i guess there is a little steep learning curve, before you can really master Drambo!.

l’ve check out the sampler, hoping the sampler module has multi layer velocity mutli sampling?!.





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    Noise plus short amp envelope (or impulse) into waveguide or combfilter ;)

  • Sampler has 4 velocity layers per note …

  • Thanks lala.

    I guess Drambo can virtual make anything possible,

    ha, ha.

  • U r welcome.

  • U need to assign key pitch to frequency to play different notes …

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    Unlike other modulars you can play this with polyphony ~ just dial voice number up 😀

  • Thanks i will try it later.

    My humble attempt to create a Kar Plus strong

    synthesis , was a bit of failure, due to the fact , you cant control the pitch perfect, the string sound i was out of pitch, when playing on the midi keyboard (using Halion 6)

    I allso was trying Kar Plus strong in Omnisphere,

    success with omnispere, atleast i was able to create

    a plucked string, but still same problems with the pitch.

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    See pic above

    default frquency is c3 aka 130,81 hz

    if you don’t assign the note symbol (key follow) to frequency of waveguide or combfilter and turn it up all the way it will only play one note — c3 (or whatever other frequency u have dialed in )

    This principle is universal

    u should be able to apply it anywhere

    if u don’t have a waveguide or combfilter u need to apply keyfollow to delay time to play different pitches with the keyboard …

  • Sorry, not explaining myself properly, i meant, in the past,

    i didnt have that much succes creating Kar Plus strong manually with other apps on pc, but i hope this time, it will be easier.

    I was just making a refference to halion/ omnisphere, as

    a example of my faillure to create a Kar Plus strong..

    No, its not about halion nor omnisphere, but Drambo.

    Anyway, thanks.

  • I think i will start watching Ben’s tutorials on youtube,

    otherwise i will never learn Drambo.

  • Waveguide is basically a Karplus-Strong + some goodies :)

  • @lala Just to confound the confusion, the note you (and I) call "C3 aka 130.81 Hz" is called C2 in Drambo, because Drambo uses C3 for middle C.

  • Thanks for the inspiration guys, I'll have to play with it more 😊

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    I move this to tips

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    @5:00 there is an explanation of what modules are required if wanting to build it from individual building blocks instead of Waveguide in Drambo.

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    key follow to delay time is a horror to scale right (so you can play it in the right pitch) …

    that’s what the waveguide is for, so you don’t have to set that scaling up yourself ;) :)

    lazy lala loes it. 🥳

    if you use the bandpass filter in the waveguide you instantly get that „rubberband—stringsound“ ;) 😀

    instead of the bad „kick a tin can sound“ you get when u first try it delay only / the expierence u have when u look up karpuls strong and do it by textbook … :/

  • “key follow to delay time is a horror to scale right”,

    Yes i think i did recall that, when watched youtube

    Kar Plus strong tutorials long time ago.

    I have’nt tried your Kar Plus Strong project

    lala, i have been busy watching ben’s tutorials, something like 5-6 videos, atleast now i starting

    to get a pretty good understanding of Drambo, and i can even make simple synth , to fairly bit more “complicated” synths, still have long way, before i can truely master Drambo, but ohh boy, did i learn something, its’s crazy what you can do with Drambo, my god.

    I see the developher of Drambo has a picture, which you can spot Waldorf synth, etc.

    Anyway, i wish Drambo had a Kar plus strong module and some waldorf filters.

    A Wavetable with resynthsis features, just like


  • thanks guys.

    Actually i have a Irig Pro Duo soundcard for Ipad, Roland XP30 as midi keyboard, this will make

    Drambo sound much better.

  • As stated above @henrikh2021 waveguide module will cover your karplus 💪 needs. Just connect frequency to pitch and turn the knob all the way up. The pitch will track just fine.

    The only thing I found was that decay shortens as pitch goes up but I think that’s an expected behaviour.

  • Thanks, lala, its working perfect.

    Now finished learning the basic and a lot more,

    i actually to my surprise , found out, this Drambo

    can go a lot lot deeper and can be very complex, so

    being and super expert, hmm, i doubt it, i mean

    with Drambo , endless and endless possibilities,

    not only that, i was chocked, when you hear how analog and warm and big sound you can make with Drambo.

    Drambo is the King of the synth apps out there on appstore.

    I dont understand why i didnt hear about Drambo before, clearly i have been missing something, my god.

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  • One more thing, (no not like Apple, ha, ha),

    How do i change my KarPlus strong project,

    to polyphonic ?. (its in monophonic, only one key can play at a time).

  • 'Midi to CV'

    Increase 'Voices'.

    Maximum at the moment is 8.

  • did that, then whats happens is, a long delay time

    is introduced, i cant even play on single not or

    two for that matter, because Drambo wont

    respons for a few second for each note.

    If change the “Midi to CV” to one voice, every thing is working again.

    I even tried to hook up a Irig pro duo soundcard for ipad, which offcourse is much better than the internal ipad and has a better latency than the internal sound chip.

    Strangly enough, this same thing allso happens, when using unison module, same delay, long time, before Drambo is responding !!.

    Unfortunly, Drambo allso sometimes crashing

    when importing user patches from ipad to

    iphone via icloud.

    My current ios and ipados is


    I am using Ipad pro 2018, 256gb

    Iphone 12 pro max.

  • I had a look at your project.

    Try connecting 'Gate' to 'Poly' on the Noise module.

    Set 'Midi to CV', to 'Last in, First out'.

    Disconnect midi input on Delay FX.

    What are you using to get midi into and out from dRambo?

    In regards to importing stuff via iCloud and crashing?? @giku

  • Thanks.

    Now did “Gate to Poly on the noise module, by clicking

    on the “gate symbol” on noise module , then choose

    ”midi to cv” and connect it to “midi to cv” note symbol,

    connecting “midi to cv” gate symbol, allso works.

    did Set 'Midi to CV', to 'Last in, First out'.

    Every thing works perfect now.

    Sorry, stiil beginner in Drambo, sometimes strugling with

    which module goes where, because structure of the modules , where you place them is very important.

    Actually i need more practice, i will throw myself into

    a couple of hundred of modules , ha ha, no will take it step by step, but enough learning videos from youtube, i am eager to really try create a hell of a lot of synths in Drambo.

    PS. just using my Iphone 12 pro max now with Drambo,

    no soundcard no midi keyboard.

    i’ve will try to force Drambo to crash, importing user patche s from Icloud to Ipad.

    Those patches , that is crashing, was made on my Iphone, the saved to Icloud, then imported in Drambo on Ipad.

    When importing the patches from Icloud to Ipad Drambo, nothing comes, nothing happens.

    And sometimes Drambo crash, when importing.

    I will try to record a video later on, if i can somehow provoke Drambo crashing.

  • Glad that assisted.

    No need to apologise, we were all beginners once upon a time.

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