Trigger next/previous Pattern via MIDI CC?

Was trying to figure out if this was possible yesterday so that I could map a couple of buttons on my Faderfox UC4 to step through Patterns on Drambo without touching my iPad. Is it possible?


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    Yes, patterns are midi mappable. Enable midi mapping, highlight the pattern and push button on your controller.

    There is no next/previous option, all patterns have to be mapped in order to switch between them.

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    If you're into complicated and not perfect solutions, there is a way:

    1. You'd need to MIDI map in advance all patterns you want to switch on e.g. MIDI note 0, 1, 2, 3 etc (important that they're sequential)... Be sure they don't conflict with messages your controllers sends, so ideally using a MIDI channel that is never used by the controller.
    2. Route the controller to something like Mozaic with a script that will be storing the number of currently played pattern and on next and previous button presses, it will add or subtract 1 from the current pattern number and send the messages you mapped in the first step.
    3. Then you'd need to route the Mozaic output to control Drambo, so you need something like Audioveek MIDI Route from MIDI tools AU and route it back to Drambo. Also ensure you have selected "control" in settings -> MIDI inputs under "Drambo". This way you send back the MIDI data coming from inside Drambo (the hosted Mozaic AU) as it was coming from outside, e.g. from the controller.

    Disadvantages: You need to have (at least empty) patterns created and mapped in advance, you could use it as a template, or edit every project where you want to use it. Which is much more complicated than just MIDI mapping 2 buttons...

    Then also you'd need to always use only either a controller or the touchscreen to switch the patterns. Otherwise if mixing both, the counting script will get out of sync and trigger wrong patterns. But that's also solvable by sending a "secret" message in every pattern, which will identify the number of pattern currently played. It can be e.g. send trough a MIDI CC generator: You'll select some unused CC, e.g. 100 and the value will represent the pattern number. In every pattern you'd add a p-lock on e.g. first step of a sequencer that will send the pattern number to Mozaic script.

    Sounds complex, but would work. Maybe not for real-life use, but as a showcase that you can overcome such limitations if you really want.

    But yes, dedicated MIDI mapping for "play next/previous pattern" would be much-much more convenient 😁

  • Also changing ‘instant pattern switch’ to off (which can be found in ‘Settings’) will give you the time to change patterns on the fly and keep sync.

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