Problem importing .srb into Sunrizer for iPad

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I am having a problem importing third party .srb files into Sunrizer for iPad. The Bank names show correctly in the list after importing, but the banks are empty of sounds.

The particular files are from Dreamfoot.

Sunrizer's own weblink files import fine.

Any suggestions? Thanks.


  • Have you tried launching the app in standalone mode? Rebooting your device?

  • Thanks - yes I have done both of those. Further to the above, I’ve now discovered that while initially the Bank name shows up in the list, on restarting the app not even the Bank name is showing.

  • This def seems a little flakey. As a test, I downloaded a bank (sound of Izrael.srb) in my browser (iCabMobile). When I shared it from there to Sunrizer, I saw a blank bank, although the tags seemed to appear. But I could copy the bank to FE File Explorer and share it from there to Sunrizer. Then I got 2 popups about adding a bank; one bank contained the data, the other bank was the blank one. After restarting Sunrizer, only the bank with data appeared, and it seems to work. I also tried sharing the file from the Files app, but it failed the same as iCabMobile.

    I looked at the file and it's an Apple plist in XML format, which is a very standard fomat for files like this. I suspect the file layout may have changed slightly over the years, and these old files may not be up to date with iPadOS 14.7.1.

    Suggestion: try sharing the bank from a 3rd party file manager like FE File Explorer or Documents by Readdle.

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    Thank you - that worked. I have Documents by Readdle and shared the banks from there successfully.

    Much appreciation for the trouble you took to find the solution. 👍

  • Hey, you're welcome. But isn't that weird? Different implementations of Sharing functionality, somehow.

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    For anyone who would like them, here is the link to the banks in question. You need to sign up for a free account to access them. There are some lovely sounds.

    Refer to uncleDave's solution above if the import doesn't work using Apple's native Files App.

    @giku - I've sent you the banks in question.

  • Thank you, got it. I’m gonna add import option to banks window. Update is coming very soon.

  • Thanks - looking forward to it.

  • Unless I’ve not seen it - any possibility in the future of exporting user banks or favourites for backup?

  • I've just realised the export option is already there - just didn't see it.

    Thanks for the recent update.

  • Just registered to say thanks for this @uncleDave . I bought some presets from Alba Ecstasy and have spent the last couple of hours wondering why they worked on the desktop but not my iPad Sunrizer.

    I never would have come to this solution. I agree it is very odd behaviour that the file is shared differently depending on whether it is from Files or Readdle.

  • Just tried this, and it "works for me". The bank file downloads in the browser, and wants to share with Sunrizer. But I share it from the browser to File Explorer Pro. Then share it from FE to Sunrizer. It asks twice whether you want to import the bank, and actually creates two banks, one empty and one good. The good one works, and I just delete the extra. Did you try the other copy?

  • One difference in my case: I do not try sharing the file from On My iPad. I just move it directly into File Explorer Pro, then share from there. You might try a new download, and move it directly into Documents. Don't let Apple software anywhere near it.

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    Right. You didn't really need Dropbox. You can tap Download in Dropbox, then directly share the file from the Browser to Documents. But your way works.

    I suspect that, when you Share the .srb file (a standard Apple plist in XML format) from Files, it may try to construct an object from the plist, and pass that to Sunrizer. But the older code in Sunrizer doesn't recognize that format. Sharing from 3rd party apps is not so clever, maybe just provides a file pointer, and Sunrizer is happier with that.

    Why does attempting to share from Apple first cause the 3rd party method to fail? The 3rd party app may find the created object and try to use that, rather than starting from the file.

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