Is it Karplus Strong?

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Well, I don't really care since I prefer to create new sounds that only remind me of acoustic instruments πŸ˜‰


  • I don't care if it's Karpul Strong or not either, it sounds lovely.

    That pad is beautiful.

    The chord changes are sweet.

    The middle eight made me want to play a guitar or piano solo.

    Really cool piece.

    Thank you for sharing brother.

  • yep, the pad stood out for me too. Great melodies, with that hang-like sound.

  • Thank you @Gravitas & @supadom!

    In fact I've thought about building a hang drum but my first attempts were discouraging. Gotta do some more research...

  • That’s something I would love to read about... how do you start something like this... what kind of research, measuring etc... how a thought turns into a path... I know it’s very broad topic, but this was always something I admired.

  • Oh that's a tough one to answer. If I had to say it in one word it would be "experience".

    I've worked with synths and DSP for many years so I usually know what sounds to expect from most known architectures.

    When I hear a sound that I want to re-synthesize, in case of Drambo, I go through the list of modules I know and throw together a few of them that I think may work, then play around a lot with different settings, doing A/B comparisons and playing at different pitches.

    Sometimes I don't even aim at a specific sound but just toy around with stuff until I like the sound, like on track 1 in the song above.

    If I can't get where I want no matter how much I try, I'd go further and do spectrum analysis at different resolutions and even separate attack transient from tonal components if helpful.

    I'm still using Adobe Audition v1.5 quite a bit for these things, it has a few very handy functions that I've not yet found in other editors, like a very flexible noise print based denoiser and 4x FFT memory locations that can be used with realtime input, nice for approximating spectra (for one of my Electric Piano patches I made use of this).

  • recrec
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    Yes, it is a tough one.

    My approach is similar... an initial idea, and collect the goodies on the way there. But when the goal is to imitate an existing complex sound I’m in trouble. I’m always hopeful that there is some secret element to the process, but at the end it’s usually about the time invested... which also often works against me (tend to over complicate things when stuck).

    Appreciate your insights!

    PS: Do you know of a capable iPad audio editor to utilise for such applications?

    (without laptop for about a year now and not sure if I need one)


  • I think building a half decent hang is any sound designer’s dream.

    I know I have a few unfinished hang patches in my collection.

  • @rec Sorry I don't know of any iOS audio editor that comes even close.

    Feel free to post sounds you want to emulate and let the community contribute ideas about how to do it πŸ˜ƒ

  • absolut fantastic.

    Those string pad, lets your imagination think of ocean waves rising.

  • Really like the blurb...

    I'll have a look see later and see if I want to get involved in the 'battle of the hangs'....lolol

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