Tempo automation

Anyone have a workable tempo automation scheme set up?

I wish I could simply have patterns with different tempos, but that option being absent, I've been messing with trying to do a MIDI Loop through a few apps and nothing has worked so far.


  • Don’t like to recommend things I wouldn’t use, but sometimes the end justifies the means...

    Just tried with Victor Porof/MIDI Tools/MIDI Route plugin (loopback hack)... some hassle to setup but works fine, tho not sure how reliable in a busy session.

    Also fairly sure it can be done by running AB3 Link synced with Drambo. Midi learning tempo control in AB3 with midi cc coming from Drambo (probably best if the two are running on separate devices, but should be doable on one too).

  • Anyway separate tempo (or even tempo acceleration) for each pattern will be a nice feature.

    For example to host Helium Sequencer as piano roll + CC automation (which are absent in Atom 2 btw) and provide tempo change from drambo

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