CV Sampler

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I got all excited about this and then thought surely someone else has thought of it already. But I’ll post it anyway 😂

I just discovered something fucking really brilliant.

So you know how when recording automation you’re stuck with the resolution of the sequencer steps, so your smooth filter cutoff movement, for example, is always stepped?

I wondered, as cv and audio signals are essentially treated the same and interchangeably in Drambo, could you stick a sampler in between the modulation control and its destination and sample the cv?

Turns out you certainly can!

Try adding an LFO and a Recorder into a track. Connect the output of the LFO to the Recorder input. Plock PLAY and REC of the Recorder on the first step of the pattern. Press play on the transport.

You’ll see that the LFO signal gets sampled into the Recorder buffer.

Add an Oscillator and connect the Recorder output as a modulataor of the Oscillator pitch (and turn up the amount trim). Bingo!

Now what you can do it hit CLEAR on the Recorder and it will begin sampling the LFO again on the first step. This time move the LFO rate control as the Recorder is sampling.

Some interesting possibilities here. I was playing with three Recorders on the same track, each of their inputs connected to an LFO (or a knob or a slider - anything that produces CV), sampled 3 different CV movements in the Recorders then connect all three Recorder outputs to a a N-1 switch you can then switch the switches to play back different CV patters or Plock the switch changes.

Drambo ❤️

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