How to make a Multi Tap Delay

I asked myself this question last night.

So,... I did the obvious and Googled 'How to make a 'Multi tap delay' and found this

Basically 'take four delays or more and connect them in series and in parallel.'

So I started putting together a multi tap delay using this concept as a starting block.

Here's a screenshot of an 8 x multi delay put together in a 'Layers mixer' module.

Each subsequent delay is connected to the delay in the presiding layer.

So Delay 1>Delay 2>3>4>5>6>7>8 ">" translates as "connected to"

One of the advantages of using a 'Layers' module is that one can

add entirely different effects to each delay output.

Currently they are set to sync to tempo.

When they are set to ms one can then create spaces much

like they did in the early days of creating reverbs using delays.


  • The problem with a simple delay like this is the tone.

    Each delay is a precise delay of the earlier one which

    though interesting in themselves don't provide much colour

    only rhythm.

    So let's focus on the beginning of the signal path into the delays.

    I've decided to use 'Saturation>Analog Filter>Delay' as the pre signal path.

    Screenshot to follow.

  • Errmmmm…

    Screenshots are still coming.

    In the interim here’s a 12 minute

    video of my first jam playing with it.

    There’s a little light show near the end

    with the LP X being animated by dRambo.

  • Since this video I have added;

    Feedback Send and Receive, Flange and Pan modules for every

    Delay rack module that makes this a 16 x multi tap delay.

    I've also added this MS-decoder patch, that I put together last year up on Patchstorage.

    Adding the MS-decoder gives me the ability to play with the

    stereo field now that the Pan modules are being modulated with an Lfo.

    It adds another dimension to the effect.

    Quite fascinating.

  • Update.

    "Multi tapp'd - Taking shape - Soundcheck"

    This one also has a guitar solo.

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