Sunrizer - 2 issues


  1. My preset banks aren't alphabetized like Doug from thesoundtestroom said they would in a video. I'm running m1 ipad pro, and ipad air 2.
  2. When mono is selected, the internal keyboard doesn't seem to play correctly. Playing notes beside each other cuts off the sound. For instance, if I play C, and slide to D, the sound cuts off, but then sliding to E the sound comes back, sliding to F cuts off the sound. Using an external keyboard or AUM keyboard, no issues.

Thank you!


  • Hi,

    Sorry for getting back to you so late.

    I can confirm both issues. At the moment the focus is on Drambo. The upcoming update appears to be a big one. I’m fairly sure, following the release (still unknown when) there will be another Drambo update to sort out possible bugs which are unavoidable when multiple things being worked on.

    Please bump this thread around that time to remind @giku about these issues.

  • Thanks so much!

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