MIDI input in parallel with MIDI Mapping?

Say I wanted to trigger a Trigger Button with C4 but I also wanted to have full MIDI key input to the same track - how is that possible? It seems that if you just map C4 to the Trigger Control it not longer functions as a regular MIDI input. I need a sort of MIDI splitter but can't see how to do it.


  • That’s correct, midi mapped messages are filtered out on the input. that’s the only way it can work.

    the only ‘workaround’ is to have additional controller/keyboard. One assigned for controller duties, the other for note input.

    or you can map keys that you don’t use often for note input. C-2 note f.e rarely needed in a track :)

  • Ah I thought as much. Maybe there's another way around what I'm trying to do.

    I'm trying to create a setup where a MIDI key press will simultaneously cycle through 4 different Recorder inputs and Clear the recorder. The difficulty is that the Recorder cycling side uses regular note input to select the Recorder but I have to MIDI Map the CLEAR button as it doesn't have any other way of being triggered remotely.

  • Can you drop an image to help visualise this please? :)

  • Actually it’s not so easy as it goes off the side of my iPad screen 😂

    What I’m trying to do is use 4 Recorders in an audio track to work like a 4 track loop pedal.

    The audio side goes like;

    Audio Input->Switch 1-N->RECORDER INPUT (I have 4 connections on the Switch and 4 Recorders so connected accordingly)


    The SWITCH switching is handled by MIDI keys (C2, C#2, D2, D#2) and a combination of a SCALE module (set to 24.000) which then feeds the clock input of a CV SEQUENCER with 4 steps. The output of the CV SEQUENCER then selects one of the 4 different SWITCH outputs depending on the MIDI key I press (on my Faderfox UC-4).

    To use this so far:

    I place a PLAY and RECORD P-lock on the first step of the sequce for all 4 RECORDERS. To initiate sampling I press one of the 4 MIDI keys to select which of the 4 RECORDERS I want to sample into. Then I have to press CLEAR on the RECORDER I want to sample into.

    This all works but I wanted to be able to initialte the sampling and the 'input' selection at the same time i.e. I press C2 on my MIDI controller and it will pipe the audio input via the SWITCH to the input of RECODER 1 and simultaneously press CLEAR on RECORDER 1.

    Hope that makes sense 🤣

  • Maybe try converting the note message to another note, outside of Drambo (with something like streambyter, midifire, etc). Like convert C2 to B8. Then map the converted note to your switch. That way, when you press C2, the C2 from the standard midi input will control the switch, but the remapped B8 will clear the recorder. Hope I’m understanding your needs correctly.

  • I think I figured it out but it’s a bit crazy; put Drambo on the track as an AU instrument (so Drambo inside Drambo) then the MIDI input to the AU Drambo comes from AU MIDI and you can add another MIDI to CV module to send the regular track MIDI to the Rest of the Track.

    I’ll put it all together later and try to upload it.

  • Hmmm. Solving that problem throws up other ones 😂

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  • It was to do with audio routing. I'm going to start fresh this morning as I think I'm almost there.

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