MIDI Monitor - High DSP and CPU usage

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I am experiencing high DSP usage in DRambo as AUv3 hosted inside AUM, with the MIDI Monitor. I use 8 LFO MIDI CC Generator (one on each channel) and at the end of each channel is inserted an instance of the MIDI Monitor.

The diference in DSP usage in AUM between the same patches with the MIDI Monitors placed on a channel and with the MIDI Monitors removed is between 15 and 20% and this increase in DSP usage happens every time I open the dRambo AUv3 window containing the project with the MIDI Monitors. It seems that those Monitors are consuming too much CPU, much more than some dRambo’s own audio generators and fx and much more than some complex patches I use.

This increase in DSP usage even causes Audio glitches if total DSP reaches 100% in AUM.

So, just by open drambo AUv3 window audio glithes can happen, on patches with MIDI Monitors

IPad 8 with 48kHz and 512 samples buffer size. iPadOS 14.8 (happened also in 14.4 I was using before)


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