Can't pan audio going thru my audio device output's 1+2

Hello Drambo users.

I dont know if it's a bug or if I am misunderstanding the stereo signal flow in the Drambo.

I'm trying to be able to pan the audio going thru my audio device output's 1+2.

Here's my patch :

Very basic but it does not work; the more I pan to the right, the more the volume attenuate in both speakers.

Can't figure out why.

Thanks for your help.


  • Hi Doug,

    Do you have a multichannel interface? In the screenshot, it appears you're ganging your audio output. If you have a stereo interface and you insert an audio output module in the patch, it will use the same channels as Drambo's mixer (usb 1+2). This causes the signal from the audio output module and the mixer to be subbed (which is why moving the pan pot sounds like attenuation). If you have a multichannel interface, ensure the audio output in the patch and the Drambo mixer are not sharing the same output channels.

  • Hi Kden.

    Thanks a lot for your clear explanation.

    Yes I do have a 4 channels output audio interface.

    I will make some test to be sure to understand what you mean.

  • There is a bug in audio out device, that will be fixed on upcoming update.

    But you don't need it, open Track menu and set "Audio to" to your interface output. That works

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