Usage of Drambo on Allpe M1 in Macos / Project transfer to Logic

Hi everybody,

does anyone use Drambo as standalone or Plugin (eg in Logic) in Apple M1 MacOs? This should work and would be a nice way to have the whole setup for post production in Logic.

Any other possibility to transfer the performance to final project in Logic?

best wishes



  • Hi Stean,

    While I can add Drambo to a channel strip in Logic, the button is greyed out and I cannot open the interface. I've had issues running Drambo on an M1 Air. The timing is a little squirrelly and sequenced notes play back haphazardly - almost as though there are trig conditions on the steps when there are not.

    I've transferred stems from Drambo running in AUM to Logic and it works very well.


  • Could you tell me more. How did you play sequence without UI? What's your buffer size / sample rate in Logic?


  • I can open Drambo as standalone in M1 Mac, however since the last crash it does not start any more (even reinstall did not fix it), maybe due to non availability of sound modules Fugue that was used in the Drambo project.

    However Drambo starts as Plugin in Logic (button not greyed out, window with Drambo Midi FX opens) , but cannot play any midi content to external instruments as play un Logic is started. Drambo pads seem to play but no external instruments are triggered maybe due to missing or wrong Midi routing. Have chosen Midi Out as only possible choice.

    Will now try to use instrument plugins in Drambo to see if in principle works.


  • It works fine with internal Instruments, only midi does not work. Put the Midi out to the only available midi out but routing in Logic is unclear.

    The other way around it works fine, I can play midi sequences from Logic in Drambo

  • The problem with Drambo in Logic for me was an AU error. When I rescanned AU, the problem was fixed and I'm able to run Drambo inside Logic session. The triggering is off, though. A straight 4 x 4 beat with accented high hats programmed in Drambo will have occasionally extra triggers. Not unmusical but...

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