Howto transfer project to PC for post production

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what is the best possibility to transfer projects to PC for post production?

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  • recrec
    edited September 2021

    At the moment it quite tricky depending on your expectations...

    You can use ‘export audio’ from hamburger menu at the top left, where you can export song or pattern.

    Unfortunately at the moment you’ll have to mute tracks if you need individual stems.

    Or you can record audio into Flexi sampler and then save/export it. Here the challenge is that Flexi has a time limit for its recording capacity.

    This area is the highest priority in current development, so stay tuned!

  • Hi Stean,

    Consider hosting Drambo in AUM or ApeMatrix. Using Drambo's multichannel audio to AUM channels you can export your stems in one pass.

  • Record Audio is not the problem, because all audio signals go into my Steinberg interface and could be recorded right away.

    Fine to hear that there will be a way in future (maybe also for Midi). Mainly I use internal and external midi triggering in live sessions that I like to transfer as midi to Logic for post production and modification. Ideally just use Drambo as Plugin in Logic on MacOs at Apple M1 and record the Midi (or Audio) there, otherwise record and save Midi in Drambo on ipad or record over external midi interface. But this is cumbersome. Best would be to just be able to open projects in Mac Os on M1 as Plugin !!!

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