Howto mute a Euclidean Sequencer

Hi everyone,

just tried Euclidean Sequencer with an external MIDI Drumsynth, however I cannot mute the midi data, I.e. still midi out after mute. However, same track without Euclidean Sequencer and mute works perfectly…

Any idea?



  • You can mute Euclidean (or any other module) by enabling MUTE and tapping the module header or via header menu ‘Enabled’ switch.

    Muting with a pad or from main track (mixer view) won’t work, because that cuts out midi flow from the main sequencer, which in this case is not in use, the midi is generated past that point in signal chain.

  • Thanks allot, but then need to mute every module separate, seems to be that best is to generate a Instrument Rack and mute it all together at once.

  • I use the Midi Mixer (mutes) module for that. Have a bunch of Euclidean and the main sequencer connected to it, then you can mix, match and mute them.

  • Another mute option that supports modulation is to chain two MIDI Channel Filter modules:

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