IOS / IpadOS 15 update ???

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Hi again, now that IOS / IpadOS 15 is here and has many

new exciting news, should one upgrade ??.

I’m more concern about when updating, maybe this update could affect Drambo, just my concern.

I’ts over 3gb update.


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    I suggest wait for the .1 release.

    the dot 0 release is never really good, its main focus is to drive new features of the new phone ...

  • Don’t update unless there’s something in the new update you absolutely need.

  • Thanks, lala, supadom.

    Can’t wait for Apple october event.

  • I updated to iOS 15, so far I've not noticed anything bad in Drambo or honestly anything else. But I haven't tested that deeply.

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    thanks quartzite.

    Did same thing, could’nt wait updating to ios15, on my Iphone 12 pro max.

    Every things seems to work, including Drambo.

    I know, its is on my own risk, updating ios.

  • Updated my Air2.. imo performance is pathetic, doing a full reset now to see if it helps... 🤞

  • I takes some time after the update for the system to do it's 'housekeeping' (I left mine on charge overnight)... zero issues with iPadOS15 on my iPad Air 2, 64GB. Fingers crossed it will stay that way 😂

    Moved (ie. manual removal from the folders on the home screen) most of the apps to the 'App Library' (Love a clean home-screen) and thankfully the categories are good this time around compared to the iOS14 mess on the iPhone 8 where apps ended up in somewhat random categories.

    Over all about the same performance as iPadOS14.8 and some apps feel a bit more optimized.

    I'm happy with the update 😎


  • Updated my Iphone 7 plus, the 7 plus seem a bit

    sluggish when scrolling icons.

    Its ok, becaue the seven plus i have is old and battery

    needs to be changed, buttons doesent work properly anymore.

    Updating to ios 15 on older devices is properly not a good idea, because ios 15 works best on newer device, i think.

    Updated my Iphone pro 12 max to ios 15, works perfect and smooth.

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    Yeah, that’s what I meant by performance... the graphics, didn’t test audio related performance.

    After full reset f.e it asked for a security code during setup, when typing in the digit before the last one it kinda froze for a second, then a wrong number got in and it stuck 😂 had to reboot before finishing first steps...

    I’ll have to get used to it after Air3, but overall I like it more than expected... low battery mode is the new default, home screen is nice and clean finally, looks like all the stuff can be hidden, disabled or reverted back to something familiar, with few additional things that I may actually use.

  • The file system in ios 15 has been improved, plus

    many other things.

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