two supersaw osc hard sync ??


Just some questions.

Why the heck cant i do hard sync on the supersaw osc’s ?

I would like to try to hard sync two supersaw osc, together, then let the second osc be the synced slave to first osc, and

then put a LFO on second osc pitch , to create a typical hard sync effects.

I did try the hard sync on standard osc, working perfect, but

the standard osc sounds dull and mono’ish compare to supersaw / wavetable.

I did allso try hard sync on wavetable, but its not working.

To do hard sync on wavetable osc, i could use the wave effects module, it has the hard sync options, i like to sync two osc manually instead, sounds better to my opinionen.

Here is a pic.


  • For 'Hard Sync' with the Wavetable Oscillator use the Wave Effect Hard Sync.(Amount controls the detune of the synced oscillator).

    Remember there's no limit on how many Wave Effects you can add to mash up the oscillator.

    Even if the original oscillator with a sync sounds thing add some chorus to it to widen it up or use multiple oscillator synced to one source.

    In all fairness if a 'super saw' was synced, all saw waves would start at the same phase anyway.

    There might be other modules that can be used to create the same 'sound' (Misc / Utility / Unison before the oscillators as one example).

    Experimentation in Drambo is highly rewarding 😎

  • Thanks samu.

    The wave effects is good, but you just dont have full

    control over master / slave, pitch relations, like if you sync two standard osc’s.

    There must be a way of widen the stereo field on the standard oscillator.

  • Widening is quite simple some delay and phase-inversion on one of the channels, there's plenty of 'tricks' to widen the stereo field.

  • edited September 2021

    U sync one osc to another, that’s mono

    Add a hint of chorus or modulate panning or add 10ms delay, undelayed signal panned to right delayed signal to left or something

  • Thanks lala, allready did that with some own created patch’es.

    I really like the supersaw and wavtable, they have really big sounding.

    Allready made tons of instruments / patch’es, i will share them.

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