Arp monphonic or polyphonic ??

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Hi, sorry asking to much questions.

I was trying figure out how the arp module works.

What i am trying to do is, create a saw pluck, then put a

arp before the “midi to cv” module, so i can hold down

for example three keys at the same time, playing a minor C

chord, then the arp module should play the chord reapting this C minor chord, but the arp module wont do that, it will only 

play monophonic, playing first, C , then Eb , last - G, it cycles through those three keys, thats not what i want!.

Is there a way the arp module can play polyphonic / chords, when you hold down a chord on the keyboard ??.

actually i did find another solution without the arp module, sounds really great, here a picture of the drambo modules.


  • I thought that's what an Arpeggiator does, plays an arpeggio, Do Mi So Do, etc. Could you describe what you want it to do? Hold the chord, and restrike each note?

  • Here is a example of what i mean.

    playing a chord striking all keys at same time, then

    let the arp play those chords.

    this example was made with omnisphere, because

    i dont know how to do it in drambo.

    attached zipped wav file.

  • There’s a patch on patchstorage called arp plays chords, have a look. It’s not exactly what you’re asking for but I think you may like it.

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    With no additional trickery arpeggiators don’t play chords.

    they Split the notes you Play into monophonic events and play the chord you played as arpeggio

    hence the name arpeggiator

    u play a minor

    u hear a,c,e in whatever direction you choose

    But drambo has a chord module

    put the arpeggiator infront of the chord module and the mono events from arp become chords …

  • U get more and more elaborated patterns if u do this a few times …

  • You can have your chord mode arp like this:

    The arp drives the first midi 2 cv gate signal. The second midi 2 cv sets the polyphony for the chorded arp. You route the 1st midi 2 cv into the signal input of the moon to poly module. It’s multiplied by the polyphony of the second midi 2 cv. Then you route the output of the kono to poly (gate) into an Amp Envelope, so it only plays the chord gate when you hold down the key. Then you optionally convert CV back to midi; take the gate from the Amp Env and your pitch from the Poly midi to CV.

  • thanks guys, pew thats a lot to do, i will try

    all the tips your posted.

    thank you




    Hi bcrichards, thanks for your great tutorials.

    Yes, i know, a arpeggiator is supposed to cycle

    through a chord one note at a time, not playing three keys at the same time, but thats because most vst arpeggiator etc, is so versatile, they can do lot more than just doing arps.

    I thought the arp module could so the same thing

    as omnisphere, halion etc can, buts its not the same thing, but its ok, i need more practice with Drambo.

  • Thank you bcrichards.

  • Hi, sorry asking again related to arps.

    To lala: tried the arp module with chord, wow, how

    amazing, you can make any chords you want, its fantastic and good for inspirations.

    To bcrichards: i did try your example, but

    i am bit confused, how i should wire modules together in your example, would you mind uploading a zipped example, so i can try it out, just asking anyway. ( yes i did read your instructions, but it is not clear to me, how i should wire the modules, but as far as i understand, the mono/poly gets connected to the first “midi to cv”, with the blue circle “ sine signal symbol” then the amp env module gets wires to the “mono to poly” with gate, thats what i did, but the arp wont play a chord, when hitting three keys together.

    Now i am exploring the fm module with up to six operators, modulating each other, my god, this fm module in drambo can allmost sound like a dx7, i was able to create a dx7 bass, maybe not exact clone, but it sounds great, even a epiano thing, ect..

  • @henrikh2021 im on beta so I don’t think I can share projects :( I left out, connect the second midi 2 cv’s midi input to the track, not the arp module! It’s hard to write out Drambo instructions sometimes.

  • That’s ok, i will figure it out, you helped plenty.

    The small arp project i am doing , is not that important.

    Thanks, again.

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