[FLEXI] Sample chaining functionality (import folder of samples to a single sliced sample)

Can currently load folder to a regular sampler module but would be very good for flexi


-import sliced samples from elsewhere (Drambos slice detection is limited)

-jamming sample slices with the crossfader (the patrician choice)

-think loading a large folder of percussion files and being able to modulate which slice plays back. Cool stuff like that

-being able to use way more samples in flexi style than just one per flexi

lots of uses for this. See octachainer for octatrack. This would be even better because it benefits from actually being fully in the device


  • I'd much rather see a global 'Sample Pool' and a parameter that can be modulated in FlexiSampler that points at a 'pool index'.

    So when you load say 100 samples to the 'Sample Pool' they start at an index slot that can be chosen in Flexi Sampler and also modulated or p-locked ala DigiTakt.

    One feature currently missing in FlexiSampler is support for loop meta-data, so even with loop meta-data present in the file it's ignored and not used making pre-looped samples a bit of a pita to re-loop.

    Having a 'Sample Pool' per project makes it easy to use the same samples on multiple tracks.

    The various 'recorders' could record directly to a pool-index and the sample would directly be available to all instances of Flexi samplers as they all use the same 'Sample Pool'.

    Another use-case for the 'Sample Pool' is to do wave-sequencing among other things.

    We never know where Drambo goes...

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    Yeah that covers a lot of it too, would be cool. Bonus of having it in 1 sliced sample is that you can hook up a 64 pad controller like a launchpad or a keyboard and play all your samples. Would be insane on Drambo because each track is capable of polyphony. Not sure if this is a thing on the digitakt, am an octatrack guy and never had the chance to try one. On OTs most recent update they added playing slices via midi which people have been hounding on for years

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHswZksw69s around 10:30 mark. Sample pool still applies, the slicing is just one layer deeper. You could have two 64 slices samples and p-lock any slice from either of them to play. I wasn’t actually aware that loop points were saved in a wavs metadata. I thought that information was software specific. I’d imagine changing to sample pool would require going back to the foundation of the architecture so I thought adding import folder might be more likely considering octachainers popularity

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    I get the point of having multiple samples in one Flexi but it would get a bit tricky if each if the slices needed individual tuning and playback mode (reverse, forward, loop etc.).

    This could be a ‘thing’ that the Sample Pool could solve (ie. each pool-index has additional tuning and playback parameters) and in the Flexi we could then select ‘pool index range’ to cover the needed sounds.

    With multiple samples per flexi it would almost be like the wavetable oscillator with multiple frames but with different framelengths and get us in to wavesequencing with a step sequencer selecting the waves in custom order, say hello to REX2000 😎

  • @samu is it also the case that Sampler doesn’t read loop-point metadata from wav files? I’m not 100% sure the files I’ve tried have this set correctly (newbie with Auditor, no other option to test it…).

  • Yepp, the regular sampler also ignores the loop points embedded in *.wav files...

    All these files are properly looped from my SY85 (Loops work fine I'm BM3, NS2, GarageBand's Sampler, Caustic etc).

    (Feel free to take them for a spin).

    I hope this 'loop thing' is something @giku finds time to fix at some point in time 😎

    (I get that this could get tricky if the values are treated as % or floating point values, they would need to be 'quantized' to integers without any margin for error as it would cause clicks loops and 'crossfading loops' is a no-no when/if the loops require sample accuracy).

    Hopefully this will get sorted in due time...


  • @samu Your request (the live sample file chooser) would require Drambo to do some kind of direct from disk streaming which doesn't work without pre-buffering and unless you want your whole sample collection inside Drambo available, the samples to include would have to be selected in advance. An apparently simple thing that I'd guess will eat up more than just a few hours of development effort.

    +1 for reading slice and loop points from WAV files though.

  • @rs2000 The 'live sample chooser' would only use samples already loaded or recorded into a project and as far as I know Drambo stores all samples used by a project in RAM while the project is running thus the 'live sample chooser' would just point to stuff that is already loaded.

    Loading them to the 'pool' would bring them into the project, no need for disk-streaming.

    To extend it further, think about each 'slice' also being imported as an entry to the sample-pool with a playback pattern that could be edited?

    This would be like 'REX Deluxe', or being able to select any slice as the source for the 'Shot Sampler'.

    But then again, for me samples are not multi-minute chunks of audio.

    Just letting of some 'brain farts' 😎

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