Radio Unit AU parameters in AUM?

In Drambo the volume and channel selector AUv3 parameters are available, but they're not showing for me in AUM. Can someone else check that I'm not just being blind (or stupid)?


  • @number37 I just tried MIDI mapping of Radio Unit in Audiobus. Same thing, AB "thinks" there are parameters to adjust, but the list of names is empty. Looks like some miscommunication of parameters by Radio Unit.

  • Thanks @uncleDave - good to know it's not just me being dumb (again), but I do hope @giku will consider fixing this at some point. It would also be nice to have more than 32 station slots. Not a priority of mine but I see it asked for by others.

  • Really love this app. Would also really love more slots and or the ability to save sets of stations!

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