MPE poly aftertouch and CC support

I am planning to use Drambo as a custom synth for my linnstrument, as the possibilities to route pressure and Y position to different parameters are endless and seemingly simple to set up.

But it seems to me (and reading this thread too ) that MPE mode does not support pressure and / position (ie CC74) for each note/channel. So a change in CC74 on one note is overwritten when the next note plays.

Not to sound ungrateful, as Drambo is clearly a huge endeavour but, would it be possible to have full MPE so each channel of mpe sound has its own pressure/pitchbend/CC74 messenges?


  • Yes! Welcome, happy to see another linnstrument player here)

    You have to use the instrument rack module for building your synth voices. And it has to be set to midi mode with mpe toggled on.

  • thanks for the info I actually thought i had done that, and did not get cc to work.

    Will give it another try when I’m back in my home studio Sunday

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