Korg wavestation

Hi, again.

I was wondering if it is possible somehow to emulate wave sequencing with Drambo, if so, it could be really awsome.

I was thinking about using a series of “shot sampler” modules with each containing different loaded sample, then somehow have a delay between each “shot sampler”, after each other, the final result should be a whole wave sequnece playing when you strike a key, just like korg wavestation.

Like this, below:

shot sampler 1 module play a sample


shot sampler 2 module play a sample


shot sampler 3 module play a sample


  • One way is to use a 'switch' N-1 module and add all the looping samples as inputs and use a graphical modulator to program the steps/switches/fades between the waveforms by modulating the index of the switch module.

    This oddly enough is somewhat similar to what I've been messing with when re-creating chip sounds where the waveform is changed using a sequence (ie. graphical modulator or graphical envelope) but it in this case it's only switching between triangle, square, saw & noise at 20ms intervals in specified order and two additional graphical modulators controlling pitch, filter and a graphical envelope controlling the amplitude.

    Wavesequencing in practice is very much like using a traditional tracker with each pattern row triggering a different sample.

    Another is to slice up a sample and use p-lock to pick a slice per step?

    In the case of using shot samplers you'd need to use the 1-n to send the trigger signal to a selected shot sampler and use for example a graphical modulator to or gate+velocity sequencer to trigger the sounds,

    Maybe something like this could get you started?

  • Thanks samu.

    Yes just like that, otherwise i just dont how to aproach

    wave sequencing in Drambo.

    I know you like 8bit chip sound, well so do i.

    That’s why i bought the otarii plugins for Korg gadget, ok

    its not 8bit but rather 16bit sega sampled sound.

    Anyway i have a whole library of sound, which i created in Drambo, but they need a final touch before i can share them.

    If i can get lucky simulating wave sequecing in drambo,

    i could make really huge sound.

    Just listen to Mike and the mechanics , they used korg wavestation.

  • Here's another example with some of my SY85 samples and more tweaking...(bad musical example but it's mainly for the sound).

    A for 8-bit/chip sounds in general, most are pretty easy to re-create with Drambo...

    ringmodulation = multiply two oscillators with each other and and use two graphical envelopes to control the pitch of each oscillator with optional oscillator sync.

    Chip Type noise = whitenoise thru a decimator with keyboard tracking to the decimation frequency.

    For chip sounds in general the graphical modulator is your best friend routed to various sound parameters.

    What really helps is to know what type of sound one is after and how it's made. (Classic chip arpeggios are just transposing the sound at 20ms intervals or faster without re-triggering the envelope).

    I'm not focusing too much on the 'bits' but the 'type' of sound.

    Good luck with emulating the Wavestation, but best option is to get iWaveStation as it also provides a Gadget 😎

  • Did you activate the play button in Drambo ??

    Because it would better, just to hit a key on piano roll, without activating the play button!.

  • Thanks, i have iwavestation, and i love it, even

    wavestation vst plugins.

    The thing is , you cant just redistribute bought sound / patches or samples you didnt create, even for private purpose, i mean, i own omnisphere, superior drummer 3, halion 6, east west plugins, wouldnt it be nice , if i could sample all those sound on my ipad just for my own private purpose!!.


  • Yes, since by default the CV Sequencer needs clock transport to run.

    I could probably substitute it with a graphical modulator for wave selection and the shot samplers still need trigger pulses to fire so I'd need to add a separate trig generator for them. In short all shot samplers play at the same time and the switch just selects which one is passed thru, so a square wave LFO could likely trigger them as well.

    As far as I know the CV Sequencer is monophonic so graphical envelopes would be needed for proper polyphony anyway.

    If I was to build a more advanced one it would be made with Flexi Samplers since it at least partially supports looping samples (but doesn't yet read loop meta-data). Also for more precise sample selection I'd love to see a 'value list' and support for a 'sample pool', this way only one Flexi Sampler would be needed and a 'pool index' could be used to select the sample/wave to be used.

    Oh well, hope that has given you a few pointers in creating wave-sequences.


  • Yes it did, i took a complete new aproach to waveseq.

    Here is what i did.

    on track two, i did insert a layer, then on layer created

    layer 1 with shot sample module, then after shot module, i did insert a delay, which conected the time knob to shot sample.

    next, create layer 2, with shot sample module, then a delay conected to shot sample 2.

    It’s diffcult to explain here, but here is a picture of what i did.

    Its working.

    I dont know if its working with many samples, but i bet i does, cross my fingers.

  • Now i did figure out how to loop the waveseq, just put a arp before the midi cv.

    its properly not the best aproach, you can only get relative

    simple wave seq, buts thats ok, because you could allso

    create more layers with string, bass and use some arp’s, etc…

  • What ever works is good enough 😎

  • Thats sick, i just found out you can allso combine delay in a serie yo extend the time, heck put in s chord, or replace

    the shot sample witv flexi sampler, and there is a lot of

    options to choose when looping with the arp, with time, like beat, 1/4 beat, allso with delays.

    I am shure all this can be synced to cubasis clock….

    So , yes you can indeed make your own complex korg wavestation in drambo , properly even a korg wavestate simulation.

    If its possible to actually simulate smooth waveseq waves i dont know, but it should’nt surprise me.

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    Sure you can emulate smooth crossfades with samples (using the Sampler or Flexi Sampler) or smooth crossfades between looped waveforms using the Wavetable Oscillator...

    As for the Wavestate, if you've ever used the new editor for it then I guess you would rather stick with the "real thing" 😊

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    I dont have a Korg wavestate, i wish, very expensive.

    The only hardware korg synth i have is / was the Korg wavestation ex, but i sold it.

    I sold all my hardware synth, i really regret it now,

    Now, i have gone the vst plugin way , which is lovely, but

    the hardware synth cant be beaten in emulation, maybe some, but not all.

    All i have now, is a Roland xp30 synthesizer, jd880 module.

  • just saw the price of the wavestate, i though it was something like 1600$ or more, its not, its cheaper

    than i thought, around 900$!.

  • Yeah the original Wavestate is quite affordable, it's only the new 61 key SE model that is going to be more expensive.

    The Wavestate with all its new high quality samples (much more than the original Wavestation) is a very deep synth, I would even describe it as a unique sound composition tool on its own.

    Certainly one of the most powerful synths for the price which is USD 749,- now or around 500..600 second hand.

  • In denmark it is more expensive.

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