Sunrizer on M1mac, where is preset bank ?


I got Sunrizer on M1 mac. It works well.

Where is preset bank on mac? I will install Nostalgia presets.

Anyone knows?


  • To install a new preset bank, try this:

    • Click inside the Browser – it should open a new Window
    • Click on ” Import from File... ”
    • Import the bank File (*.SRB)
    • The Sound bank should now appear the Preset Browser
  • >Click on ” Import from File... ”

    My sunrizer V.4.20 cannot appear new window menu such as "import from file"

    Click the preset window, I can choose "web import" and "new bankl" only.

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    Right. It's the same on iPad (iPadOS 14.8), Sunrizer 4.20. There's no Import from File.

    But in iOS, if I tap on the .srb file, I can "Share" it with Sunrizer, which works. Maybe the Mac file associations allow something similar ("Open In"?).

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