(When) Does muting decrease cpu overhead?

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If I mute a module in Drambo, does the DSP work inside the module stop being performed? Is it only some of the time? Only with modules that mute actually works on? What about racks etc?

I'm trying to understand for some racks I'm working on.

I think if you mute an AUv3 there is no impact because Drambo does not have that level of control. But if I mute a Drambo Analog Filter module though, it seems to decrease the CPU overhead?

Anyways, if anyone knows more about this I'd love to know details.


  • recrec
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    It’s a tricky one… usually when mute drops cpu, unmute action can’t always be instant (reload necessary).

    in D my guess is that if there is some kind of cpu preservation for certain modules, it’s because the actual computing in the module is on the heavier side… material dependent (f.e pitch shifting) or nonlinear (f.e analog filter). Otherwise I don’t think there is much behind it, nor imo there should be… but than again… I’m using D for live jamming (real-time sensitive) so for me ‘instant’ is the main aspect, while in other use cases stacking many things just to have them at reach may make sense.

    Imo for that there should be a differentiation between mute and disable (f.e where freezing is an option).

  • This makes sense. Yea, I'm not advocating that mute should change, I think the performance reasons are the more important ones. It'll be cool someday if general disabling is possible, but not the top priority :)

  • Is there official info on this? I'd love to mute cpu heavy AUs when I'm not using them. iPads been getting hot running Drambo since the update.

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