Most straight forward way to download and save and use patches from Patchstorage in Drambo?

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I've tried so many times and even watched a couple videos and I am still unable to download patches and get them opened in Drambo, and also know where they are on my iPad. I would greatly appreciate if someone could outline the steps to do this. I know there are multiple ways, so I prefer the very most straight forward way and would prefer to save my file so they backed up in iCloud. Also prefer to just only use my iPad (as opposed to saving to my desktop mac first)

Thanks so much for any help!


  • Simple approach:

    • Open Pathcstorage in Safari.
    • Use the download button on the selected patch.
    • See prompt to download, accept. Done.
    • In Files app, open Downloads in On My iPad.
    • Find the file; if it is a .zip, tap on it to unzip.
    • Tap the .drmodule or .drproject, and it will open in Drambo. If it's a module, select a folder to save it, then use (+) to load it.
    • Done.

    You can use a different browser; they all have a download storage system


    when you download the patch, it should show as a download in your browser, and clicking on the downloaded patch will open Drambo directly.

    Drambo will prompt you to save the rack. Note where you save it. Then, go to the module Adder, and navigate to the instrument/processor/midi rack section of the adder. The rack should be there. Projects just open, and can be saved.

  • This is perfect. Exactly what I was hoping to find! Much appreciated. It's good to know there are only 2 file types too. This clarifies everything!

  • are you all ok if I repost your responses on Audiobus forum?

  • This is super clear and works perfectly. Really appreciate this!

  • Yes, but Drambo all sorts of presets: track, instrument and processor rack presets are the main ones other than the entire project. Fortunately now Drambo will direct you with info pop ups etc. Also project and instrument module presets are by far the most common on patchstorage.

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