How to control instruments in AUM from Drambo in stand alone mode?

Hello! I use Drambo in stand alone mode and want to control instruments housed in an AUM set (eg triggering a synth at a certain step in the sequencer). How can I achieve this from Drambo?


  • Hi Gabriel!

    You can use the MIDI out module and set AUM as the output port. Anything you compose in the sequencer will be sent to AUM:

    Make sure you also enable the MIDI routing in AUM to go from the virtual port to the actual synth hosted in AUM:

  • Thanks!. Another question: should I use the midi out module at the end of the effects instrument chain of the chosen channel or after?
    (In your graph you represent a channel without instruments)

  • Drambo only connects left to right, so you put MIDI Out after the modules generating MIDI. If it's multiple modules, you might need a MIDI Mixer to combine the messages.

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    @Gabriel By the way, it looks like you're using code format for your posts. This causes the system to highlight possible script keywords, making it look strange. I'm not sure what causes this. In Markdown, it's text in backticks, but could be different here, maybe "smart" quotes (curly left/right quotes). Is it Rich Text Editor?

  • Thx Dave!. I don´t know why?

    I try again...

    By the way, thanks for your answer.

  • Lookin' good now. You must have been using a funny editor, somehow.

  • It´s possible!

    Internet is a strange place...

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