quick save, rest, modulatable fm operator ratio, multitrack recording etc

Hello, since I love Drambo to bits, I would like to propose a few more features:

  • firstly, I believe that an ability to multitrack record the whole arrangement would be a very, very welcome addition. it has been mentioned previously on the forum so I just want to bump it here as it seems that it is the only feature that is missing from Drambo when comparing to other ios DAWs. For me, screen capture doesn't cut it and while the included export audio feature is great to have, the scene slider is perfect for fluid live takes.
  • quick save/load - modern Elektrons have this feature where one can just press a shortcut and make a quick save which is a temporary save storing all the pattern information (p-locks and notes). It is very fast to make a quick save, mess with the pattern and create something new and then either copy the pattern to another place to store it for later, go back to the previously edited pattern and hit quick load to reset it or to improvise live with the ability to quick load the saved pattern without stopping for the whole song and its data to be loaded.
  • rest - it would be nice if there was a button (or module?) which, when pressed, would delete notes or specific p-locks in a sequence when it is playing. For example, when the next pattern comes, I want to get rid of the second and fifth note so I can just press 'rest' just before the sequences plays the notes. It could come in handy to quickly make variations of the same pattern when a chain is playing.
  • I really love fm and I frequently miss modulating fm operator's ratio, it's fun.

There is also some strange behaviour which doesn't seem consistent with how the app works. I' m thinking about:

  • trying to un- plock track and master volume, deleting the parameter lock in step mode works but sometimes I don't want to get rid of the other p-locks. This problem would be solved with tapping track/master volume twice and then 'remove p-locks' but it can't be done.
  • after one deletes a note when in step mode, undo button doesn't undo the deleted note however theoretically it's just a change in pattern, isn't it? So when you accidentally erase the note in step mode, it cannot be brought back.

Drambo is truly next-level and the only feature I really miss is the ability to properly multitrack record it in standalone. Please, make it happen! When this feature arrives, it would be one of the happiest days in my life:D

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