Physical Modeling of Percussions

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Basic setup

Try the different resonators

of course this is tonal playable :)


  • Hi :)

    Very cool things, i just tested it and it's fun to play!!

    For playing with the keyboard in the right direction ( because in this patch, the key is inverted) i just change the key knob to 1.00 to the right, and now it is more fun too use it !!

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    if you really want to play in key you need to reset pitch to 130.81Hz (C3) and turn keyfollow all the way to the right ...

    (but since we after some more or less inharmonic percussion sounds you can be "very creative" with the pitch ...

    if your percussions are inharmonic and out of pitch thats great - it won't clash with your melodies and has contrast to them if u just play the same note ... peng peng ...)

    if you turn up the bias in the saturation it gives you a little hipass filter , if u turn up the amount u get a little overdrive ;)

    with velocity you modulate the position where is object is being hit

    put an eq after the shaper to further shape the sound ...

    levels can get a little crazy so you may want to add an amp at some point to turn things down a little

    have fun :)

  • you can play the decay time via scene crossfader ...

  • It is very fun to use !! Thanks :)

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