Bug: Putting stuff after a mixer module makes polyphony act weird

Hi all, first time poster, really enjoying using Drambo, and hope this is the right forum to post bug reports! Not sure if you've seen this one:

** Repro steps

- Connect a USB keyboard to the iPad. (I use an Akai MPK mini.)

- Open Drambo either as stand-alone or in an AUv3 host (eg. AUM). Make sure Track 1 is selected.

- In the "Midi to CV" module, set "Voices" to 8.

- Add an "Amp env ADSR" module.

- Before the amp module, add an "Oscillator" module. Mash the keyboard to verify that sound is generated.

- Before the amp module, add a "Mixer" module and set its first input to the output of the oscillator. Mash the keyboard to verify that sound is generated.

- Before the amp module, add a "Reverb (Plate)" module. Set the input of the amp to the output of the reverb, and the input of the reverb to the output of the mixer.

** Expected result

- Mashing the keyboard produces polyphonic sound.

** Actual result

- Only every 8th keypress of the keyboard will produce sound.

** Notes

- This bug will reproduce with any setting of the "Midi to CV" module to a value of > 1 voice. For any setting of N voices, the rack will only produce sounds for every Nth key pressed. (Note, pressing a 3-note chord will count as 3 key presses.) The bug also reproduces when pressing the track selector button in the app, or using a virtual keyboard in an AUv3 host app.

- Oh also, the "contact" form on the beepstreet.com website doesn't work :-)

Thank you for listening, keep up the awesome work!


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    this is expected behavior

    the reverb turns the polyphonic signal into a monophonic signal. Hence only every 8th note will play.

    you can tell what modules are going to do that, they are marked with a (1)

    Usually it’s some kind of fx that is expected to be used after the amp.

    i see you are trying to cut the reverb somehow

    Are you trying to do osc, amp envelope, reverb , noisegate , mixer ?

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    what u r trying to do here is to put a reverb module on each single voice ( 8 voices of one sound into 8 same reverbs - this would not sound any different from putting all the voices through one reverb).

    this would kill cpu, thats why it doesnt work like this.

  • Ah okay, thanks for the explanation! I didn't know that's what the (1) means!

  • U r welcome.

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