Merry Xmas



  • The picture of two lemons in the video was created entirely in blender by me.

  • Thank you Henrik, great patches indeed! 👍🏼

    I also like your 80s style song 😊

    If you want to increase polyphony (until Drambo gets a polyphony increase), you can try to use the MIDI to Poly module connected to 4 MIDI2CV modules with 8 voices polyphony each, routed into multiple identical synth instances on the same track, finally mixing the audio outputs of each.

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    its Richard D. James (Aphex Twin/AFX)

    these tracks were released for free for the fans under the obscure alias "user 18081971" (that's his birthday)

    since not everybody has found them I thought I post them as X-mas gift.

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    guess who the guy in the "hello my name is god" hoodie is supposed to be ;)

  • I would post some patches, but can't

    everything I've been doing lately can only be done with new features from the beta ...

  • Fantastic music lala.

    The tr808 , or tr909 rythm sounds like

    the top gun anthem, sorry for my 80’s brain, ha ha.

    It could be great if we could make a big mix of

    your guys music, so it would be a forum user


    Thanks rs2000, lala.

    My big wishes is, if drambo could get massive

    64 polyphonic,new ipads can handle it.

  • While you’re on the subject of sampling acoustic drums. In the video below I used drum samples that I recorded with my tascam field recorder’s built in mics while the sound man was sampling individual drum sounds for drum replacement in case he needed it.

    Despite it being a completely unprofessional of doing it I think the results are pretty decent.

    Mind you I was just messing around here and the focus is not on drums at all but the results surprised me a lot as I thought you could achieve similar clarity only by close mic’ing drums.

  • Great job, supadom.

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