Protokol, a Midi logging and OSC monitoring utility from Hexler

In getting the links for a couple of midi utilities I came across this from Hexler.

“ Prokotol is a new utility by Hexler for the creator's toolbox: A lightweight, responsive console app for monitoring and logging control protocols.

Originally built as a MIDI monitor and Open Sound Control network checker, Protokol is designed to handle any complex message stream.”

It maybe useful for some.


  • This has become my favorite MIDI monitor since quite a while! 👍️

  • But it only runs in the foreground, which is a serious limitation in the one-screen environment, since you may want to monitor events generated by interactions in orhter apps. Other alternatives all run in background.

  • What can I say. It's one of the oldest requests but it's up to the developer to decide.

    At least, Protokol works in slide-over mode so you can keep a minified version of it running in the foreground. Also works with Drambo.

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