Anyone creating MPE patches?

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Hi all,

I'm still trying to get going with Drambo, and never seem to have enough time to devote to learning it properly.

Has anyone tried building patches specifically designed to be played with a MPE controller, and willing to share? I know there's a MPE tutorial but I'm after something a bit more substantial to pick apart and work out how it works.

Now I've picked up a Linnstrument I really appreciate what MPE brings to MIDI, and Drambo seems like the perfect platform to start building MPE patches from scratch. I'm just struggling to get started


  • I believe Drambo MIDI input used to have an MPE option, but cannot see it now in Drambo 1.40. Without built-in MPE support, it will be very difficult to use MPE. Are you able to enable MPE in Drambo?

  • Until Drambo gets full fledged MPE support, I'd recommend to translate the channelized MIDI messages from the Linnstrument into separate messages using e.g. Streambyter and the MIDI CC Modulator to convert them to control voltages.

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